What to expect

We welcome our first time and future guest to come and experience a high energy, fast paced style of praise and worship, where the music is loud and the atmosphere is charged with faith and reverence to the Lord Jesus Christ.  You will be greeted with a smile, a genuine hug and a welcoming love.


We encourage each of our family members to come dressed as they feel comfortable, you may sit next to someone in a suit, shorts, jeans, dress, baseball cap & even with flip flops. We do encourage to use good judgment on the attire of your choosing, as not to offend another family member of the house.(the too mini skirts, the see through’s and so forth)  


Pastors Marty & Inez encourage you to feel at home with family, experience the good news with other members of the family here at the House of Manna.  The Gospel is the good news that we preach and teach based on biblical truths, we strive to make it an experience that the whole family can enjoy and apply.  We are a church that allows the Spirit of God to flow and to exercise all gifts of the Spirit, Pastor will speak out prophetic utterances (words), call out through the word of knowledge ailments for healing, and encourage an individual with personal prophecy.  


We utilize two classrooms an area for infants and toddlers (0-2) and another room for ages 3-5 years. 

You are welcome to register your child as you enter the church with our ministers in the classrooms. The parents sign them in & out with the minister, and inform them of any allergies or special notes concerning the child. We will ask you to silence your phone and to write down your cell number for any notifications during the service, the minister will text you to come and assist with any issues that concern your child.

We encourage you to come and experience a non traditional church atmosphere, where it is okay to laugh, cry, shout, dance and celebrate the goodness of the Lord. We would love to hear from you, if you have any questions please go to our contacts page and send the Pastors an email or even a phone call. 210-267-57111. We pray you do find a church family to be apart of and help the Kingdom of God advance.  

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