April 2018

Increased Prayer Life

March 2018

Soaking In His Presence

January 2018

Your vision for your life

December 2017

The perfect prayer: Communication

Lionel ministers on the perfect prayer as communication with God that is perfect by way of the gift of praying in tongues.

November 2017

The 1%

Minister Lionel Gonzalez has issued a challenge to the people, will you be the 1 percenter that will always give thanks to the Lord!

August 2016

We have victory!

We were created to have victory in our life, over sickness, poverty, and the plans of the enemy!

May 2016

Hold on to your peace

March 2016

Faith is the key

How is your faith? Have you checked your surroundings of faith?

December 2013

Why we don’t come to church and why we don’t tithe!