May 2016

It is time to sleep (rest) in Him: Obedience is the key

The key to resting in the Lord is to be obedient to the commands of God.  We must be obedient in order to rest.

I just don’t know!

When you just don’t know: what stage of the Kingdom of God you are in and when you will see the harvest.

Your oil is pure, purposed and pressured

Your anointing is the process of your walk with God, it is purposed and pure.  We have to allow the Lord to work out the oil in our life by being processed through the pressures of life and ministry.  God knows just how much pressure to use as to not crush the seed of  your […]

Mothers day: love on the hill

A love displayed on a hill that displays unconditional love and sacrifice of a mother.

Are you a leader or a leader maker?

We have all heard them say we must learn to follow before we can lead, I want to share the heart of a leader maker.  Barnabas was a leader maker, he would rather raise up a leader greater than himself in order to fulfill the mandate of God for the church. We are leader makers […]

In pursuit of His presence

The choice is yours whether to stay or to pursue His presence, Obed Edom made the choice to pursue after the Ark of God. The result of his pursuit was generational and positional!

April 2016

Go get your stuff

It is our time to go and gather our stuff that has been stolen from us!

Who’s trying to steal your oil?

Your oil is your anointing that is precious, we must guard the oil in order to be ready for the groom to arrive! Be wise with your oil and don’t let just anyone come and attach to you because of your oil.

The Bride is asleep

As we process through the pain and trials in our lives we must take heed to when the Bride-groom is coming to the Bride.  We must be prepared to come out of our circumstances and receive the coming of the Lord.

The wind and the hail

The signs of the times are more clear now than ever before, we must take heed to the signs. There is a fresh wind coming that will expose so much of the truth and the position of the Bride.