November 2019

We are Chosen

You have been chosen for such a time as now!

August 2019

The cut corners of destiny

In life you can’t cut corners to get ahead, so to in our walk with God. We must stay in the process to produce the desired fruit of God.

June 2019

Do you hear the sound?

Can you hear the sound that is coming from heaven? It is time to clear the distortion in the atmosphere.

May 2019

Being Intentional

We must be intentional with our walk in God.

Watch your mouth

Watch your words and watch your mouth, what you say out of anger and disappointment will create such a negative atmosphere.

From the valley of Myrtles to a Star of Hope

Hadassah was brought up through adversity, to become a star of hope for the people.

April 2019

How am I honoring God?

The level of honor will determine the level of outpouring from God.

The incorruptible Seed

We carry the incorruptible seed with in us all

March 2019

Have you been cut?

Have you ever been cut before? It is time to let the wounds heal from the last cutting.

July 2018

Your better is waiting on you: Shake what your mamma gave you!

God has already prepared a better place for you. Your better place is not behind you it is ahead of you so keep pressing on to your better.