February 2016

Mercy found in the dust

Today on Ash Wednesday Feb. 10, 2016 I am reminded of the Mercy of God found in the dust/ashes of a sinful woman caught in the act of adultery.  When others want to accuse you and cast you before the judge and jury for punishment, remember the woman who was to be stoned to death […]

Greatest comeback ever

There are times when you have to fight and claw your way to the goal line and the resistance is there to stop you, But God has your back! Your greatest comeback is here!

What is needed for Revival? Attitude!

January 2016

Enduring hardships by remembering His covenant and remain trustworthy

Hardships can make us feel like we have done something wrong or we have missed it, this encouraging message will help you see the silver lining of the hardships.

God put a freeze on your past

Out of the nostrils of God he put a freeze on your past, and allows you to cross over to the other side! Exodus 15:8 …the deep waters congealed in the heart of the sea.

Ya no somos esclavados

Guilty enough to ask for forgiveness

We must own our wrongs in order to be healed of our inner struggles.  The woman of Luke 7:36-50 was a sinner who was forgiven much so she loved Jesus greatly, and worshiped Him from behind and anointed His feet with her tears and costly oil.  Will you love Him with all of you?

The hidden obstacles from within: Guilt and shame

There are times we feel we just can not get past certain obstacles in our lives and we look for the outward solutions.  God will show you the hidden obstacles that are within, so that you can remove them from your life.

Quanto Vales

The climb

In life we sometimes find ourselves fighting an uphill battle, but we must climb with purpose and will power to achieve our goals.