January 2016

The hidden obstacles from within: Guilt and shame

There are times we feel we just can not get past certain obstacles in our lives and we look for the outward solutions.  God will show you the hidden obstacles that are within, so that you can remove them from your life.

Quanto Vales

The climb

In life we sometimes find ourselves fighting an uphill battle, but we must climb with purpose and will power to achieve our goals.

All I Do Is Win!

When the battles rage on and the wounds from the previous battles begin to shout out, just remember that He causes us to win! It is not what it looks like, see past the front of the enemy and stand with victory in your heart!

My Sweet 16

We must enjoy our victories in 2016, each victory is given by God.  We must take time to enjoy the spoils of our victories that God has given us, so this will be your sweet 16 just taste and see.

Unclean, Unclean, Unclean

The labels of your past and your situations are coming off, as we cry out for mercy loudly we must also give thanks loudly! It is time to shout!

El Bombero

El Bombero es Jesus Cristo

Your seed is plentiful and ready for harvest

Your seed is plentiful and ready for harvesting, despise not the small beginnings.  When it is time for the harvest it is time to be gathered together and processed for use.

December 2015

Wash away the old to get ready for the new

I’m still standing

Through the seasons of life and the battles rage on keep standing for God is with you.  You are still standing because He promised to be with you from now on.