May 2015

The Fallen: It’s time to take it to the Car wash!

Cars represent ministry in dreams and visions, this is what was revealed. It is time to get to the Car Wash.

The Stillness of God

Trumpets are sounding: Will you listen?

When the Trumpets sound will we listen and take heed or continue on in life living a double standard life? Jesus is coming in your area of influence and the are of your sin to rid the effects and affects of sin.

April 2015

Watchman where are you?

Transcend past the pain

Push past the pain and overcome the discomfort of the trials. The test is send by God to strengthen the faith of His children, we must transcend past the pain.

Get low to transcend higher

In order to transcend we must first learn to humble ourselves and get low.

Transcending out of the natural into the Supernatural

We are to operate in the supernatural by transcending over from the natural.

The Orphan spirit – Saturday night part 2

Identifying the Orphan Spirit.

The Orphan Spirit- Saturday night part 1

Identifying the Orphan Spirit

Transcending Conference 2015 Part 2

We Need an encounter not and experience!