April 2015

Transcending Jesus part 2

Transcending Jesus: out of the old into the new Part 1

Transcending Jesus out of the Old into the New.

March 2015

The Love of God: The fruit of Love

February 2015

The wave is on the rise

Let us catch the wave of His glory and let the wave carry us to our destiny. The wave is rising, don’t get ready stay ready.

Time to change our oil

It is time to check our oil to see if we need to change what we have been running on for so long. Fresh oil is being poured out.

Unity is where the blessing is

Psalm 133 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Conclusion: The Oil

It is time for the Body of Christ know where they are in the process of the increase of oil in their life. We have been in a process of the press and now the time is for the oil to flow!

The clusters of grapes

Isaiah 65:8 “the new wine is found in the cluster..destroy it not: for a blessing is in it..” you can’t get wine from one grape you need a cluster.”

Team work makes the dream work, Order part 2

Be apart of the team that makes the dream work.


The Steps of a good man are Ordered by God and He delights in him. Let the order of God bring alignment to the destiny God has for you.