February 2018

Revealing the coils of the python

January 2018

Distractions of Destiny

December 2017

The alignment with God

When God puts things into motion your steps and processes will align with His purpose in order to get you to your destiny.

Grab hold of the tail

Moses was asked what is in your hand? A rod, God told him to throw it on the ground and it turned into a snake and Moses ran from it. Take hold of it by the tail! It is time to stop running from our fears and to face them in order for God to […]

October 2017

How big is your but?

How big is your but in your life? Do you always cancel out the blessings of God by way of our speech?

He brought up Hadassah

Hadassah was brought up to be a deliverer for the people of God, her training and spiritual guidance were key to a successful plan of God.

September 2017

When God shifts you into a new direction

When God changes your direction it will be for your good and for His purpose.

When God shifts your course

When God shifts your direction while on your journey the course shifts, what do you do? Follow His leading and yield to His will.

August 2017

The root system of poverty

Has the enemy entered into the root system of your finances? Time for the enemy to be driven out of your financial system.

July 2017

The root of bitterness

The root of bitterness is the root of all roots, it will deceive, defile, and depress! It is time to be uprooted