March 2014

Something is about to happen

1 Samuel 3:11 The Lord told Samuel, Behold, I am about to do a thing in Israel…  

The rock that knocked out the giant: Finish the job.

In your darkness God speaks; The lessons in your afflictions.

Learn from your afflictions and know what the intentions are: 1. Foolish afflictions. 2. Demonic afflictions. 3. Victim afflictions. 4. Demonstration afflictions. 5. Heaven sent afflictions. 6. Mysterious afflictions. Each play a role in the Kingdom and in your darkness.

February 2014

In your darkness God speaks: The artificial lures of the enemy.

While in your night seasons God speaks to your current circumstance and will do as He has spoken. God did bring the Israelites out of Egypt, only after the imitation lures of the enemy. Exodus 12:40-42 This will be a night to remember.

Fear not to go down

In your deep dark night seasons of your journey, fear not to go down! God will go down with you and bring you up here again!

Evangelism Training

In your darkness God speaks: Deep calls unto deep

While in your dark depths of your night seasons, always be tentative to His voice. God speaks in the night seasons of your walk in God.

The church needs Passion: Passionate people will you take a stand?

Passion is necessary for birth:  Passionate people put God first and self last, they are able to ignite passion in others towards the things of God.

Stale bread & Stale water: Empty vessels are needed!

2 Kings 2:1-25 While in your transition listen for God’s request. The prophet asked for new empty vessels to purifying the water and to make what was not producing become fruitful.

The nuts and bolts of your faith walk in God