February 2014

The church needs Passion: Passionate people will you take a stand?

Passion is necessary for birth:  Passionate people put God first and self last, they are able to ignite passion in others towards the things of God.

Stale bread & Stale water: Empty vessels are needed!

2 Kings 2:1-25 While in your transition listen for God’s request. The prophet asked for new empty vessels to purifying the water and to make what was not producing become fruitful.

The nuts and bolts of your faith walk in God

January 2014

It’s time to come out of our tents!

Are you being tempted? Tempting with a purpose

Giving the little to God

The art of giving: Getting in Order with God.

Giving is an act of love

The art of giving: conditions of the soil

The year of the Hand of God: He has made me fruitful, double fruitful.