July 2017

Intimacy with God is key!

To know God is to be intimate with God, this is the key to new dimensions of the Kingdom of God. 

Stay in the zone: Pursue!

Stay in the zone and pursue after God with all your heart, it is in the pursuit that passion is a necessity for the hard times.

June 2017

stay in the zone: Get in to the transfer zone of God!

There are times when we feel that we need to leave, run or quit because of our circumstance.  We have to learn that in the transfer zone there is revelation and illumination for our destiny! Stay in the zone!

Dad’s touch of empowerment: run your course

A dad’s touch of empowerment is necessary for our course that we are on to finish the race. We need to be ready and anticipating the touch of the Father but not to move out of our lane, not to leave to quick or to drop what is being released.

May 2017

Where is your stone?

Where is your stone is a question that should be asked on a day to day basis. The stone is where you first encountered God as a savior, or as a friend, or as a healer, or as a deliverer! We must bring back to remembrance of the stone as a place of worship unto […]

The Author & Finisher

The script that is written has been authorized by the Author of authority!

April 2017

The fragmented life

The fragments of our life can still be used and nothing will be wasted!

He is Risen: He emptied Himself so you can be filled

Jesus said on the cross that He thirst: a sign that the well springs of life had been emptied for all mankind that would receive of this well.

Gods’ original agenda

Agendas: What is yours?

What is your agenda? What if God has an agenda for you that makes no sense to you? He has an agenda greater than what your agenda is.