September 2016

Don’t sit on your gift

We have been given gifts from the Lord for the equipping the Body of Christ, so let us not sit on them.

August 2016

Do you know you are free?

Has the enemy kept you from feeling free from bondage? Jesus has come to destroy the shackles of oppression and chains of bondage off of us, it is our choice to receive our freedom in Christ.

July 2016

Identity- The way God see’s you

When you look in the mirror are you critical about how you look, who you are, and harsh towards yourself? We need to understand how our Heavenly Father see’s us, in His perfect image and our future position.

Fear that hinders

When the fear of the enemy comes in and hinders you from pursuing God, his purpose is to keep you from your growth and destiny.

June 2016

The Father of the in-between

We must lay our promise down and allow the process of the in between take root.

March 2016

Contents under pressure

The pressures of life have increased likened to a storm that has caused things inside of us to come forth: strength, faith, hope and peace.  We must know that when times get tough in the storm we must trust in the Lord.

September 2015

Persevere through the process!

Have you ever felt that you can not make it through the process and want to quit? Well it is time to persevere pass the pain and process to get to your destination.

August 2015

Worship is essential for victory

In your brokenness your worship will be established for victory.