March 2017

The God of a delay

What do you do when your situation goes from bad to worse and God delays on your request?

911 call to Jesus!

Reflect back on the times that God did not answer when I needed Him to.

The windows of choice

What you do with the windows of opportunity is your choice.

February 2017

Spring up and climb up

Prophetic word of the Lord: you are about to spring up out of your situation, and if you are climbing don’t quit hang on and see the salvation of the Lord.

December 2016

The Alabaster box

Pour out what is inside of your vessel

Don’t get caught up in the in between

When you receive the seed (the promise) from the Lord you are carrying seed to fruition, so don’t get caught up in the in between before the seed is birthed.

November 2016

Distracted by Sanballat

Sanballat is distracting the builders of God’s promise to stop the progress of the Kingdom. Stay focused don’t come off the plan, prophecy, ignore the insults and lies, be steadfast, encourage others, continue building, pray, and watch with expectancy what God will do.

October 2016

The battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s

We must seek God for the instructions, listen and act immediately.  The Lord will speak to you and reveal the strategies of the enemy and have for you to face it head on, but it is His battle not yours!  

Time for the oil to be changed

We are anointed for purpose, the oil causes us to be driven into our destiny.  Now let us allow the oil in our life to be changed for our purpose for the Kingdom.  

September 2016

Don’t sit on your gift

We have been given gifts from the Lord for the equipping the Body of Christ, so let us not sit on them.