April 2019

Trauma has you bound

We must face the fears and traumas in our life to do away with the bondage it creates.

May 2018

Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties

April 2018

Who Is Your God?

January 2018

What is paralyzing you?

February 2017

The heart of carnality: How are you serving?

Do you serve man to be recognized or do you serve man as Christ served us?

March 2016

Getting back to your first love

We need to get back to our first love, putting Christ first.

The Hyssop

The cleansing is taking place in the Body of Christ are you ready for it?

February 2015

Team work makes the dream work, Order part 2

Be apart of the team that makes the dream work.


The Steps of a good man are Ordered by God and He delights in him. Let the order of God bring alignment to the destiny God has for you.

November 2014

Be Thankful: The attitude of Thanksgiving