September 2016

Healing prophecy over cancer

Prophetic Word over sickness

October 2015

Prophetic Declarations: Something is stirring

Something is stirring in the atmosphere that is to bring about change and transitions! The Generals of the faith have plowed the fields and seeded the atmosphere for a tangible outpouring of God in this Generation and Season.

May 2015

Prophetic declaration: Shut the door and let’s make change!

Time for change, so shut the door of compromise!

July 2014

Prophetic Word to James Caraway

July 2013

It’s all about the blood of Jesus, the true pattern for eternal life.

June 2013

In the Ark with Noah, You are coming out!

May 2013

A NEW sound is here!

Prophetic declaration- He sent you to the boat, through the storm, to the other side.

April 2013

The yoke of fear in the body of Christ

March 2013

The thorns in your side