January 2017

The thorns that keep you blinded

The eyes will be opened and the blinders will be removed.

Grace is being poured upon grace

His grace is sufficient for your trials and your journey, continue to strive for His perfected will.  Gifts and talents will be stirred in this new year, grace is being poured out!

December 2016

The Alabaster box

Pour out what is inside of your vessel

Don’t get caught up in the in between

When you receive the seed (the promise) from the Lord you are carrying seed to fruition, so don’t get caught up in the in between before the seed is birthed.

Come in from the outside

  God is calling you to come in from the outside, step into the inner court and into His holy of holies.  There are 3 doors and 3 types of His presence: door 1 is the entry into the Kingdom (Jesus), door 2 is the entrance to the inner court, door 3 entrance to the […]

Create in me a clean heart

When we reflect back on the hardships and pains of life, let us be sure that we allow God to create in us a new heart and new way of thinking. We must be willing to allow God change our learned behaviors into His behaviors.

November 2016

The rain has been held back by the spirit of Geshem

The 3rd person of the distracting trio is called Geshem which means rains, the spirit will hide it self with in your harvesting rains.

Spirit of Tobiah

Stay focus on what God has called you to do, even if the provisions have been missed with and tainted by the spirit of Tobiah.

Distracted by Sanballat

Sanballat is distracting the builders of God’s promise to stop the progress of the Kingdom. Stay focused don’t come off the plan, prophecy, ignore the insults and lies, be steadfast, encourage others, continue building, pray, and watch with expectancy what God will do.

Passion for revival and rebuilding

Nehemiah had passion for reviving Jerusalem by rebuilding the walls that have been burned down.  He prayed for favor and repentance of self and the people from turning from God.  We must rebuild what has been burned down, but we must first start by praying and repenting.