November 2016

Spirit of Tobiah

Stay focus on what God has called you to do, even if the provisions have been missed with and tainted by the spirit of Tobiah.

Distracted by Sanballat

Sanballat is distracting the builders of God’s promise to stop the progress of the Kingdom. Stay focused don’t come off the plan, prophecy, ignore the insults and lies, be steadfast, encourage others, continue building, pray, and watch with expectancy what God will do.

Passion for revival and rebuilding

Nehemiah had passion for reviving Jerusalem by rebuilding the walls that have been burned down.  He prayed for favor and repentance of self and the people from turning from God.  We must rebuild what has been burned down, but we must first start by praying and repenting. 

October 2016

Detoured by Destiny

Out destiny has detours at times, when we think that the detours have hit a dead end that is when the Lord begins to show His grace in order for you to birth your destiny.

The battle is not yours part 2: David and Goliath

The battle is not yours re-recording.  I am sorry for the late post and audio being deleted, so I recorded in my office for someone who needed to hear this message from Sunday.  Your destiny is calling from a distance in front of you, listen and respond with what is inside of you that God […]

The battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s

We must seek God for the instructions, listen and act immediately.  The Lord will speak to you and reveal the strategies of the enemy and have for you to face it head on, but it is His battle not yours!  

B.Y.O.B. you carry it in you!

Bring Your Own Breakthrough it is in you, crack the seal and let it flow! 1. Desire 2. Obedience 3. Action is necessary for your breakthrough and it is in your control.

Time for the oil to be changed

We are anointed for purpose, the oil causes us to be driven into our destiny.  Now let us allow the oil in our life to be changed for our purpose for the Kingdom.  

Are you persuaded to win the battle with the 3 elements that God chooses?

Are you persuaded that the 3 elements God has chosen for you to go to battle with will bring you victory?  There are times in our lives when we must face the problems, enemies, and decisions in our life with these 3 elements. The horn- an instrument of sound, your voice, the empty vessel (pitcher) […]

The Shift is on

Happy New Year: Biblical new year! 5777 is the year of Grace of completion in the mind, body, and soul!