July 2016

The struggle is real, the depression is real, it is time to get up!

The struggle is real and depression is real so how we deal with these issues is found in the story of the Prophet Elijah as he is running from Jezebel.  1 Kings 19:1-18. 1st – God sent him to church 2nd – God had Elijah tell Him what the problem was 3rd – God dealt […]

Women of purpose take your positions

Fear that hinders

When the fear of the enemy comes in and hinders you from pursuing God, his purpose is to keep you from your growth and destiny.

The System is broke it is time to trouble shoot the system

The enemy of your soul works through systems: physical, spiritual, economical and relational.  The system is broke and we must trouble shoot the system to find the root cause of the problem.

Double protection from the Father

Understanding Psalm 91: we must learn to abide in Him and to seek the shelter of the Father.

He will save us from the Snares!

He is the Father who protects and shields us form the snares and the pestilence! We first must choose to abide in Him!

June 2016

TNT-Troubles and Transitions: it will happen as He said!

Acts 27:25 TLB25 So take courage! For I believe God! It will be just as he said! We must take God at His word just as He said!

The Father of the in-between

We must lay our promise down and allow the process of the in between take root.

My Father’s heart: He is my Redeemer

Do you know your Heavenly Father as your Redeemer? He is with you in your wilderness experience waiting to bless you even in your hardships.

My Father’s heart: Standing to bless

Our Heavenly Father is standing waiting eagerly to bless His children!