October 2015

The train is coming: Prayer is necessary by Raimey Johnson

The train is coming for you and it is full of your blessings, protect it by prayer and fasting.

The Glory Abides and Rides in you! Quietly and loudly

The Glory of God is no longer in a tent or a traditional church, the Glory abides and rides with you it is time to release His Glory. Worship the Lord and give thanks quietly and loudly for all of His goodness!

God is about to Push Play on your Pause!

Have you felt like you have been on pause? Well let the Holy Spirit come and press play in order to get you to your next place in your destiny.

Let’s get to our next!

Getting past your now in order to get to your Next!

Prophetic Declarations: Something is stirring

Something is stirring in the atmosphere that is to bring about change and transitions! The Generals of the faith have plowed the fields and seeded the atmosphere for a tangible outpouring of God in this Generation and Season.

Don’t get use to this: I feel my dance coming on!

Your break through may come by way of you just being at the right place at the right time but it requires you to stretch out to receive it! The lame man at the gate called beautiful was not asking for a miracle but he did ask for change$ and he sure did get it!

Let’s be about our Father’s Buisness

We must be about The Father’s business and reach out to the souls of man, there has been a mandate for all of us to be fisher’s of men.

The HI-C’s of your calling: The Covering

The calling must be accompanied by your covering: we as believers still need help with our unbelief and cry out to the Covering for help not everyone else.

September 2015

The HI-C’s of your calling: Consequences

We all have to deal with consequences in our lives, it is how we process the situations that will help us to better understand the outcome.

The Hi-C’s of your calling to destiny

We have been called to run a race and to set our focus on the prize, however it comes with the Hi-C’s: High cost and high consequence’s.  We must push through the pain and hindrances in our life to finish the race for those who are following.