October 2015

The HI-C’s of your calling: The Covering

The calling must be accompanied by your covering: we as believers still need help with our unbelief and cry out to the Covering for help not everyone else.

September 2015

The HI-C’s of your calling: Consequences

We all have to deal with consequences in our lives, it is how we process the situations that will help us to better understand the outcome.

The Hi-C’s of your calling to destiny

We have been called to run a race and to set our focus on the prize, however it comes with the Hi-C’s: High cost and high consequence’s.  We must push through the pain and hindrances in our life to finish the race for those who are following.

The Push and Pull of distractions, detours and delays.

There are times when we think we are pushing God into our situations but in actuality we are pushing Him away.  We need to learn to Pull on Him by faith and watch as He will turn around and face your situation based on your faith to pull.  Sometimes we can get detoured by our […]

Prophetic Declaration of Destiny

Prophetic declaration concerning your delay’s, detours and distractions while on the road to Destiny!

Shut the door to distractions

We must shut the door to distractions in our life, but first we have to discern if it is a distraction or a plan than that God has for us to follow.

Pushing past the pain of frustration

Have you been frustrated to the point that it hurts? We have all been there or we are there now, we must focus on the process that the Lord has placed before us.  On the other side of our frustration is our blessings.

Persevere through the process!

Have you ever felt that you can not make it through the process and want to quit? Well it is time to persevere pass the pain and process to get to your destination.

Ready or not here I come!

When the water breaks ready or not here comes the birth of promise. Ready or not here I come!

Are you being stretched?

We are being stretched for growth and strength in Him. Prepare yourself in this season of stretching, by surrendering your will to His will.