August 2015

Use it or lose it: get off the sidelines of comfort!

Slap it down when the devil comes in!

Slap the devil down when he tries to come in!

The pattern for productive ministry

It is time for the church to become productive for ministry outside the four walls of religion.

The fragments in your life!

We have fragments in our spiritual walk, God will use your fragments to get you to your destiny.

July 2015

Hold your position!

It is time for the body of Christ to hold their positions!

You lost that loving feeling

Land mines of compromise: take the idols out of church

Are you under the influence?

We need to be under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Taking back your territory

The enemy is fighting for your territory.  It’s time to fight for your territory, open your mouth with and fill it with praise unto the Lord.

The power of the testimony

We all have a story it’s time to tell it to others.  Your testimony displays His goodness and mercy towards all.