June 2015

The land mines of compromise

Beware of the land mines of compromise because they are there to take you out of the will of God.

The lost and found in life

It’s time to go after the one and find the lost in life.

Let’s talk about SEX baby: When the coat is removed

When we feel that we have full control of our thoughts and our actions we can become so comfortable in the heat of the moment and rationalize your decision to sin. Keep the coat on of favor!

Let’s talk about SEX!

The moral decay in our society has become so evident that it has become the norm for generation. So let us talk about SEX.

May 2015

Prophetic declaration: Shut the door and let’s make change!

Time for change, so shut the door of compromise!

The Barrage of Garbaage!

The barrage of garbage that has infiltrated the air waves of society is leading many astray and causing the great falling away.

The covering of God

The Fallen: It’s time to take it to the Car wash!

Cars represent ministry in dreams and visions, this is what was revealed. It is time to get to the Car Wash.

The Stillness of God

Trumpets are sounding: Will you listen?

When the Trumpets sound will we listen and take heed or continue on in life living a double standard life? Jesus is coming in your area of influence and the are of your sin to rid the effects and affects of sin.