February 2015

The clusters of grapes

Isaiah 65:8 “the new wine is found in the cluster..destroy it not: for a blessing is in it..” you can’t get wine from one grape you need a cluster.”

Team work makes the dream work, Order part 2

Be apart of the team that makes the dream work.


The Steps of a good man are Ordered by God and He delights in him. Let the order of God bring alignment to the destiny God has for you.

The Team that makes The Dream work

Coming together in unity is what the Body needs! Focus on the Goal and utilize the team to help achieve the goal.

January 2015

Blessing Blockers: Part 3 holding on to the past and fear

Blessing blockers; the past will keep you in fear of the newness of God!

Tools the enemy uses to block your blessings part 2

Desires of the flesh lead to the delay of the blessings in your life.  Walk in the Spirit and be lead of the Spirit to obtain the blessings in your life.

Blessing Blockers that choke out life in you: Negative thoughts PT. 2

Galatians 5:19-21 Tools the enemy uses to choke out the blessings in your life. Pay attention to the vices that is coming your way.

Blessing Blockers that choke out life in you: Negativity

Negativity will choke out the life of the word in you and produce a different kind of harvest.

Blessing Blockers that choke out life in you: Renewal of the mind

Numbers 32:1-13 NIV. Renewal of the mind is necessary to obtain the promise of God in the fulness.  Mediocrity and complacency are Blessing Blockers in your life, rid yourself of them!

Lift up your heads for the Redeemer draws nigh unto you!

Luke 21:28 Lift up your heads and look for your redemption is coming to you!