July 2013

Don’t just stay in the outer court, process all the way behind the veil.

It’s all about the blood of Jesus, the true pattern for eternal life.

He will direct your path, steady the course

Job 23:1-17 Steady the course that God has chosen for you to be on and He will direct your path.

June 2013

Been there done that!

In the Ark with Noah, You are coming out!

Have you ever let yourself down?

Don’t worry you have an Advocate His name is Jesus! Neither do I condemn thee!

Have you ever been let down or disappointed?

When Martha sent word to Jesus that her brother Lazarus was sick, Jesus did not respond and stayed longer.  What do you do when God lets you down, and does not meet your appointment? Your disappointment is Gods appointment for your greatest miracle.

Are you Frustrated? Are your expectations getting you frustrated?

2013 God chose a father for Jesus

When God chooses a father for the Father of this world, it doesn’t always make sense. Joseph was a faithful, loving, and obedient father.

When your tired what do you do? Call a time out!