March 2013

The thorns in your side

Don’t give your ear to the scribes, give it to Grace

faith of a child

Labor pains are getting closer for your greatness

Changing of the guard, the Spirit of God will violently invade the darkness

The prophetic word of the Lord came during worship, and He spoke concerning the shift and changing of the guard. The Spirit of God will violently invade the darkness, to shift the light into the dark places.

February 2013

Let God hover over the void in your life, to change the contents inside of you

Papa Lou prophetic word

prophecy for Pastors Rita & Louie Self

Labels and Lids

Luke 7:36-50 a labeled sinner was in His presence and the others knew her as such. Jesus removed the lid of shame and guilt.

The Process

Ephesians 2:19-22 we are to continue to grow and be built up in HIM as a church family.

Regift the Gift

ReGift the Gift of God that He has given you, Eternal life, hope, peace & Love.