February 2013

Leave it all behind

January 2013

The Garden state

Genesis 13 Destiny is in you! Trust God not what you see

Stick and stones

Detox our souls, Stick and stones will hurt but words will define you.

Up in smoke

Put your old things in life that need to be put on the altar of change. Is God done with something or someone like God told Samuel the prophet concerning Saul the King?

December 2012

Life changing experience in God

Mary & Joseph had a life changing experience in God.

Made dumb because of unbelief

Zacharias doubted in the temple unto Gabriel?

November 2012

Remove your veil of shame

Yokes of un-forgiveness

don't just pivot in place, deal with the un-forgiveness that have you yoked to your past.

Governmental Authority

3 kings look for Elisha for guidance in time of their lack of water, Elisha tells them to dig the ditches. Government authority has a responsibility to act on Gods' word.