October 2017

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jarvis Ovalles ministers a word of Kingdom revelation on the entrepreneurial spirit in the Kingdom of God.

How big is your but?

How big is your but in your life? Do you always cancel out the blessings of God by way of our speech?

He brought up Hadassah

Hadassah was brought up to be a deliverer for the people of God, her training and spiritual guidance were key to a successful plan of God.

September 2017


The substance is the blueprints to your life, the substance of relationship between you and God.

Blueprints to destiny

God has given His blueprints to your destiny and it is time to move by His directions and plans for your life.

When God shifts you into a new direction

When God changes your direction it will be for your good and for His purpose.

When God shifts your course

When God shifts your direction while on your journey the course shifts, what do you do? Follow His leading and yield to His will.

August 2017

The root system of poverty

Has the enemy entered into the root system of your finances? Time for the enemy to be driven out of your financial system.

July 2017

The root of bitterness

The root of bitterness is the root of all roots, it will deceive, defile, and depress! It is time to be uprooted

Deliverd from the root system

The enemy works within the systems of your life: financial, marital, health and so forth, it is time for us to get to the root of the problem!