August 2016

The mustard seed is in you

The seed that God has planted in you will grow beyond it’s measure of the natural limits, in order for you to live with no limits in God.  We are to be the church that is the influence for those in the world to come to know Jesus.

Finders keepers

As a representative of the Kingdom of God, we are to display the treasures that have been discovered and continually search for the hidden treasures within!

The leaven

the leaven is designed to make you grow, as the Kingdom of God is like the seed planted in you is set to rise!

Faith activates heaven here on earth

It is your faith that activates the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, it is your faith that makes things happen even if it is not yet your time.

The Kingdom of God: Is at hand

Jesus spoke of His Father’s Kingdom and demonstrated what it was to be like here on earth, now we are to be the carriers of His Kingdom by means of demonstration.

Thy will be done

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven! We must transition from the old into the new, from lean times to new times.  We need to allow the trials and frequency of the trials to enable us to birth a new thing for the Kingdom of God.

We have victory!

We were created to have victory in our life, over sickness, poverty, and the plans of the enemy!

Do you know you are free?

Has the enemy kept you from feeling free from bondage? Jesus has come to destroy the shackles of oppression and chains of bondage off of us, it is our choice to receive our freedom in Christ.

July 2016

Identity- The way God see’s you

When you look in the mirror are you critical about how you look, who you are, and harsh towards yourself? We need to understand how our Heavenly Father see’s us, in His perfect image and our future position.

The conflict that causes us to throw away our confidence

When the enemy attacks he uses the persuasion of words and imagery, if he can get you to doubt the word by way of conflict he then overtime convince you to throw away your confidence. Hebrews 10:35