June 2016

He is the Door!

A father is the one who protects, loves, guides and shows us to the open doors of our lives. He waits at the entrance for His children as they go in and out to find green pastures, He is the door!

The Father’s heart: Know His nature

We must strive to know the nature of God by way of our forefathers and by the example of His Son Jesus the imprint of His nature.

The Blessing comes by following His guidance

There are times when we feel we must go in a different direction to achieve the blessings, but what do we do if the Lord leads us in a direction that feels like it is away from the promise?

He is leading us

He is leading us to a place that is new and different, we must learn to follow.

The ancient paths: part 2

May 2016

Hold on to your peace

Let us ask the Lord for the Ancient paths

Let us ask the Lord for the Ancient ways. We are doing church our way and we need to do it His way with a demonstration of power and reverence for the presence of God.

It is time to sleep (rest) in Him: Obedience is the key

The key to resting in the Lord is to be obedient to the commands of God.  We must be obedient in order to rest.

I just don’t know!

When you just don’t know: what stage of the Kingdom of God you are in and when you will see the harvest.

Your oil is pure, purposed and pressured

Your anointing is the process of your walk with God, it is purposed and pure.  We have to allow the Lord to work out the oil in our life by being processed through the pressures of life and ministry.  God knows just how much pressure to use as to not crush the seed of  your […]