April 2019

How am I honoring God?

The level of honor will determine the level of outpouring from God.

The incorruptible Seed

We carry the incorruptible seed with in us all

Trauma has you bound

We must face the fears and traumas in our life to do away with the bondage it creates.

Are you ready for Canaan?

God has promised us the land of Canaan are you ready for your promise?

March 2019

Have you been cut?

Have you ever been cut before? It is time to let the wounds heal from the last cutting.

Gods perfect plan


July 2018

Your better is waiting on you: Shake what your mamma gave you!

God has already prepared a better place for you. Your better place is not behind you it is ahead of you so keep pressing on to your better.

June 2018

The ancient doors to your soul

It is time we close the ancient doors of our souls, so we can progress forward toward our destiny.

The three fold ministry of the enemy

The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy: Jesus gave us the keys to defeat the ministry of the enemy, it is time to use them.

God’s Approval Should Be Enough