January 2018

Distractions of Destiny

Your vision for your life

From Comfort to Comfort

We are to comfort others once we have been comforted by God, together we can help others through their valleys.

December 2017

The alignment with God

When God puts things into motion your steps and processes will align with His purpose in order to get you to your destiny.

We are being built up in the Word of God

What are we building our life on? What is the foundation made of? We must be built up on the Word for true and everlasting life!

The perfect prayer: Communication

Lionel ministers on the perfect prayer as communication with God that is perfect by way of the gift of praying in tongues.

Grab hold of the tail

Moses was asked what is in your hand? A rod, God told him to throw it on the ground and it turned into a snake and Moses ran from it. Take hold of it by the tail! It is time to stop running from our fears and to face them in order for God to […]

November 2017

The 1%

Minister Lionel Gonzalez has issued a challenge to the people, will you be the 1 percenter that will always give thanks to the Lord!

The struggle within the struggle: change or transform

The struggle within the struggle to change or to transform, it is our choice to become better or to become a different you.

God encounters: Jacobs many encounters

Pastor Benny Quintero ministers on the many encounters between Jacob and God: continue producing through the opposition!