September 2016

Stretched so you can reach out

Have you been in a stretching process with God? Well the purpose is so that you reach outside your home and comfort zone.  It is time we fill the house with those in need of His touch!

The earthquakes in your life

The earthquakes in your life are designed to open the doors for you!

No more excuses

Will you make excuses why things have not changed? Do you still reflect back on past experiences to determine your reactions and decisions for today? Do you make excuses why not to submit to the Lord?

Is this me?

Is this me? Are you like the man at the pool of Bethesda who had been in this condition for 38 years, and Jesus asked the question do you want to be made whole?

Healing prophecy over cancer

Prophetic Word over sickness

The currency of the Kingdom: Investing with out fear!

Will you take the time to invest in the Kingdom of God? or will you be like the wicked servant who said he knew his master but still did not invest as he was told?

The core sample

The core sample reveals what is deep with in the soil, to better determine the obstacles that lay beneath the surface.

August 2016

Time to change the core

The battery of a vehicle is used to crank up the vehicle and to provide stored energy and power for the vehicle.  The vehicle represents the ministry in your life, so if the battery is bad it is time to change the battery.

The mustard seed is in you

The seed that God has planted in you will grow beyond it’s measure of the natural limits, in order for you to live with no limits in God.  We are to be the church that is the influence for those in the world to come to know Jesus.

Finders keepers

As a representative of the Kingdom of God, we are to display the treasures that have been discovered and continually search for the hidden treasures within!