March 2017

The windows of choice

What you do with the windows of opportunity is your choice.

February 2017

Widows of opportunity and choices: Releasing joy!

Pastor Marty released joy in the service today, are you ready for your window of opportunity? It is your choice to receive it.

Spring up and climb up

Prophetic word of the Lord: you are about to spring up out of your situation, and if you are climbing don’t quit hang on and see the salvation of the Lord.

Putting words into action

  Pastor Marty speaks prophetically concerning what we must do after we receive words from God, we must put them into action by faith. 

Finding the will of God

Finding the will of God is a life long journey, in this bible study Pastor Marty releases 8 steps to help you find the will of God for your life.

Know your potential and your patterns

            Watch for the patterns in your life and you will find your potential for success. 

The Ministering Spirits of God

angels, ministering spirits, deliverer,

The dew of heaven is falling!

  The dew is falling on your behalf, be ready to receive!  

The heart of carnality: How are you serving?

Do you serve man to be recognized or do you serve man as Christ served us?

January 2017

R3: Remember, Return,Restore,

We must go back to our 1st love for the Lord and allow Him to show us how to be restored back.