March 2016

Contents under pressure

The pressures of life have increased likened to a storm that has caused things inside of us to come forth: strength, faith, hope and peace.  We must know that when times get tough in the storm we must trust in the Lord.

Who’s your contract with?

Have you made a contract with the enemy or with God?  Who has your heart?

Getting back to your first love

We need to get back to our first love, putting Christ first.

Faith is the key

How is your faith? Have you checked your surroundings of faith?

Dealing with the addictions

Dealing with the addictions in our lives is a must for a life of liberty.

The Hyssop

The cleansing is taking place in the Body of Christ are you ready for it?

February 2016

We will not settle; Let us make room for more

Clear the way for more, it is time we make room for more and go beyond our limits of our minds.  We must clear the way for more!

Season of spiritual warfare

We must take note to the signs of spiritual wickedness in the atmosphere, have you been experiencing signs of fatigue, lethargic, wanting to give up, negative thoughts, oppression and depression? Not always a true sign of witchcraft but these are some fruits of spiritual warfare taking place around you.

We are that church!

When Jesus asked the disciples who do men say that I am, and the responses were from what they had only heard about from the other prophets, but Peter answered with the truth that came from the Father in heaven.  Now Jesus says on what premise the church will be built, on the rock of […]

The Menu has changed

The time comes when we have to change what we have been eating for the better of our lives, God changed the menu on the Israelite’s as they prepared for the crossing over to the promise land.  The blessings are within reach and close to you just reach for it.